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Updated 03 June 2016

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Painting holidays Gallery Painting Dates Acrylic Accommodation Links Travel


Beginners acrylic one day courses

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The Gallery paintings show how I have used these new acrylics.

In the style of watercolour, acrylic, oil and as pen & wash

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Atelier demonstration


I use a range of acrylic paints made by CHROMA  called Atelier Interactive. So what’s different ? One set of paints, so many different uses. WATERCOLOUR , you just thin with water to use, but with two advantages.If you are working wet in wet and the paper begins to dry, simply spray the paper and carry on. If you are working wet on dry and you paint in the wrong colour, simply wipe it off. For a beginner, it means you can be much more relaxed about painting with these techniques.

 ACRYLIC, use straight from tube or with a little water. If the paint begins to dry too quickly, just spray with water to reactivate. You can keep doing this for ages.

OILS, use straight from the tube or add a gel or compound to thicken. If you want to increase the transparency add a satin or gloss varnish. You can always adjust the drying time to suit your way of working.